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Vladimir Vitkovsky

Vladimir Vitkovsky was born in Leningrad, Russia. He studied at three different Art Schools there, yet managed to stay himself: original and inexplicable. In 1989 Vladimir Vitkovsky emigrated from the Soviet Union, and his art began to receive international recognition. His works appear in private collections worldwide. His patrons include the Most Reverend Aloysius Ambrozic, Archbishop of Toronto, The Dupont family... 

Vladimir is the 1992 first place prizewinner at the Boston Copley Association of Artists. He has gotten honorable mentions at the 1994, 1995 and 1996 juried group exhibitions in Europe, as well as a Gold Medal in Sweden at the International Art Competition in 1995. 

Mr. Vitkovsky works in many innovative different medias, bringing each one to mastery. His art has multiple personalities. His graphic works are delicate and dream like. Mysterious faces, enigmatic smiles and imaginative figures are all a part of Mr. Vitkovksy's interpretation of reality, which he often links to his representation of the fairy tale world. Inversely, his oils are bold and penetrating. The figures seem to be gentle, but when one examines them closer, one sees real intensity behind the eyes of the jokers, jesters, kings and musicians. 

Vladimir developed an oil technique transporting the viewer from the world of representational form to the world of abstraction. His application of paint is a dramatic contrast between thin, luminous layers and a heavier impasto. Vitkovsky couples a heightened realism with blurred, fluid edges. The resulting visual bridge for the viewer carries us into a unique world of emotional surrealism. He also incorporates a "splattered paint" technique used as a counterpoint representing the elements of chance and the irrational in human experience. Nonetheless, in this bridge between the real and surreal, we somehow regain our center and a heightened sense of humanity. 


Mr. Vitkovsky's inks are real masterpieces that cannot be imitated, or repeated. They are multi-layered magical creations that take you into the unlimited depth of unknown irreality. It is for the inks, that he was awarded The Gold Medal at an International Art Competition in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1995. The genius of Vitkovsky's art is in its ability to grab the viewer's attention, to pull it in and to make one wonder what it is that he or she is really seeing. There is no right answer to what one sees in Vladimir's paintings. Everyone who gives Vladimir's art a chance will discover different meanings. Step into the artist's enchanting and enthralling world! 

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