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Emelle Sonh
'As gently as possible, in communion with the subject, I bring images from the world through 35mm Leica or Nikon lenses, and onto a negative. Then, I bring it back into the world in the form of full-frame single-exposure limited edition (5) c-prints. All images are photographed as I found them, and printed with no digital manipulation. My first art form, dance and choreography, which I practiced for many decades, has influenced my work as a photographer.'
Dennis Hearne
Dennis Hearne has lived in North Beach since 1965. He attended and worked at the San Francisco Art Institute 1960’s-1978, earning a BFA and MFA. His work is included in MOMA (NYC), the British Arts Council, the Fogg Art Museum, California Historical Museum, among others. He has been awarded two NEA grants by the Federal government. His work has been exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art (NYC), San Francisco City Hall, San Francisco Mint, University of California, Southbank Centre (London) etc.
Vladimir Vitkovsky
Vladimir Vitkovsky b. 1950, Russia. He studied classical technique at the three prestigious St. Petersburg Art Schools. In 1989, when the iron curtain was lifted, Vitkovsky was able to emigrate. Vitkovsky has received first prize at the Boston Copley Association of Artists yearly competition and the Swedish International Art Competition Art Addiction. The list of his patrons includes the Dupont family and His Eminence Alojzij Matthew Ambrožič Archbishop of Toronto.
Daniel Furon
'I was born in Paris, France, and I grew up there, as well as in West Africa, where my parents lived. I studied graphic arts in Paris and became an advertising photographer.

I live in San Francisco now. My images represent a lifetime of work and cover different regions - and subjects including cityscapes, landscapes, environmental images, portraits, people in action; nature.'
Sara Johnson
San Francisco native Sara Johnson's photography is available for purchase exclusively through Noise.
Timothy Stroth
'My new paintings display more free flowing shapes along with a vibrant palette intending to grab the viewer’s attention.' Original large paintings on canvas and small archival quality lithographs available in-store!
Ronnie Hart
Ronnie Hart (aka Mongee Art) framed original prints
Arthur Pertzel
Arthur Pertzel is a multidisciplinary artist, currently based in San Francisco, whose work spans photography, writing, and object-making. His work typically examines both our relationship with technology and images as well as the way photographic images function in a world saturated with them. Pertzel is also an accomplished fiction writer.
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Ronnie Hart

Ronnie Hart (aka Mongee Art) framed original prints