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June 25, 2019 - Hi there, Dan here, I just returned from a few weeks on the East Coast. Lots happening this summer! There will be over a thousand titles from this trip on the shelves beginning this week, including over 700 LP's from the private collection of late radio host, Ray Norman. Many of these albums are sealed, most are jazz. I had the pleasure of meeting with Ray's son, who penned the bio below:

Ray Norman enjoyed a life long career in the music business. He had his own recording studio at 17 years old and worked as a record librarian for WOR radio in NY in the early forties. During this time he also worked as Martin Block’s radio engineer; Block hosted the #1 nationally syndicated radio program, “The Make Believe Ballroom” in New York. 

After a stint in the Army during WWll he ended up in California working for MGM as a film editor, and later moved back to New Jersey where he became a service engineer for IBM. 
His career in radio resurged in the late sixties when he hosted his own syndicated radio program, “Getting Sentimental.” The music of the 30’s and 40’s was the focus of the program which also featured interviews with Duke Ellington, Stan Kenton, Buddy Rich, Harry James and countless other band leaders and musicians. It was during this time especially that he accumulated a vast collection of LP’s as well as 78’s and other recordings. 


In 1974 he purchased the Lang-Worth music library. During the 70’s and 80’s and 90’s he digitally remastered hundreds of recordings which were released on Circle records.

His passion and love for this music was visible throughout his life. He gave away countless records to friends and strangers alike. If he ran into someone who mentioned they liked big band music, there were always LP’s to give away in the trunk of his car. He passed away in 2004 and left behind a legacy of recordings including all of his radio programs and thousands of records. Nothing would please him more, than if he knew these records were being played again.

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