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We bought a collection of approx 450 LP’s last Friday

and can’t wait to get them on the shelves so you can take them home with you! Lots of 70’s-80’s rock, new wave, folk/country etc. We also have an awesome new LP ‘Primal Dap’ by our friends Secret Sidewalk on the shelves now! Only 500 copies pressed, these are hand numbered and selling fast! We are the only store in SF carrying this one! Take a look at our latest Instagram posts to ’browse‘ through some of the more desirable titles that are available and as always, DM or comment to place titles on hold.

While you’re here I’d also like to share some info about ‘Slam Jam!’, a show we’re co-hosting at The Marsh in downtown Berkeley. Tuesday, Nov. 5 is the next one, from 7-10pm. It is a unique experience, a rare chance to hear some of the SF Bay Area’s finest poets and musicians experiment in real time. Hear poets Tureeda and Tony speak with Avotcja about it on KPFA 94.1fm 8-10pm tonight! Full bar with cheap drinks! This month our featured artists are:

Tony Aldorando, poet

Tureeda Mikell, poet

Royal Kent, poet

Cassandra Dallett, poet

Danny Brown, saxophone

Anthony Ant, trumpet

Genius Wesley, drums

Ollie Dudek, bass

Morgan Maudiere, piano

Vincent De Jesus, congas

We really would appreciate if you can make it out to this one! Only a suggested donation of $5-20 for entry, no one turned away for lack of funds. Your attendance is crucial to the success of events like this one! Hope to see you soon!

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